Natural Soap and Flowers


Begin Your Healing Journey

My story begins with the love of feeling good.

I believe in self-care and for me, many times it came in the form of a great smelling body product.  But feeling good only lasted momentarily.  Something in the products I was purchasing dried my skin & caused itching and irritation.  I found that the products I was using contained parabens, petroleum and formaldehyde.  That's some bad stuff!


I explored alternatives, hoping to find a product that would nourish, revive & renew my body at the same time envelop scents that complimented my body chemistry.  So, I experimented with my own concoctions, shared with friends, family and co-workers & created body products that provided the things I was looking for. Products that nourish, revive, & renew. 


All handcrafted with love by a female veteran.   I love these products & so will you.


So why don't you treat yourself daily?


Founder, b.natural.e apothecary

African American woman beautifully dressed  in a white gown